Murmur Mother v. 3, 2024, framed archival print photograph with hand-punched braille, 33”x40”x2.5”

persephone (winter studio), 2024, framed mixed media collage with paper, nails and foam, 51"x39"x 4.5"

Auto Archive cec.1999.001, 2024, archival print photograph, 18”x21”


Born 1978, Exeter, NH, lives in New Hampshire 

Working in photography, video, installation, and text, Cozette Russell explores ways photographic space can expand into sculptural objects. At the intersection of disability and art, Russell investigates the aesthetics of care and care as access through an embodied approach that uses tactile interventions. Russell’s work has shown at various galleries and museums including SFMOMA, the Wexner Center for the Arts, NADA Curated, Harvard University, and A.I.R. Gallery in Brooklyn, New York, where she is a national member.

Untitled (summer studio/winter studio), 2023, framed archival print photograph, bricks, and twine, 34”x47”×6”

Untitled (string variations II)(with braille), 2023, Archival print photograph with hand punched braille, 8"x10"