Murmur Mother v. 3, 2024, framed archival print photograph with hand-punched braille, 33”x40”x2.5”


I make work at the intersection of disability and art where I explore the aesthetics of care and care as access. Through my interdisciplinary practice, using photography, video, sculpture, and text, I engage a narrative of code and language building with an interest in communication through gesture, touch, and texture. In the studio, I use this tactual intuition through process-driven experimentation with utilitarian materials, and I often translate text into braille, which I hand punch into my photographs.

My work also engages with conversations around feminism, history, and activism. Here too, I employ a sensory desire and use the body as material and expression––sometimes in acts of repetition with a gaze toward early feminist performance and video art or sometimes by a desire to push against an ableist framework. My lived experience with disability, both my son’s and my own, deeply informs my practice, which is rooted in the ebb and flow of motherhood, collective care, the intimacy of dependency, and a desire for inclusivity.